Birchbox: August Review

Every month I get a Birchbox parcel with 5 health and beauty goodies in. Ive been with Birchbox for a year now, and I am still loving it! This months box was stunning. I loved the packaging, and most of the products were really nice, with a nice variety! I have a discount link at the bottom of my blog!

This month, Birchbox teamed up with Etsy for their designs, and there were loads of different illustrations that birchbox used. I got the Fox in the Attic design, which had ice creams and biscuits on, which is right up my street. Inside I had 5 beauty products, 2 were full sized and the other 3 were sample sized.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 17.58.21.png


The five products I got were:

Rituals The Ritual of Happy Buddha Foaming Shower Gel

“When we hop into the shower first thing in the morning or after an especially tough spin class, we just want to relax – even working up our body wash into a lather sounds like a lot of work. Fortunately, this foaming gel from Rituals does the work for us: It turns into a luxurious foam when it comes into contact with water. All we have to do is smooth it on for a skin-softening clean.”

Number 4 Sugar Spray
“We all know that the sweet stuff tastes delicious, but who knew that sugar could also do wonders for your hair?! Formulated with sugar cane, anti-static properties, and flexible styling aids, this texturising spray not only gives you loose, shiny waves, it also nourishes strands. Hair feels soft and the style stays intact even in the face of heat and humidity. Getting perfectly undone, beach babe hair has never been so sweet.”

Dr.Botanicals Pomegranate Superfood Regenerating Sleeping Mask – 30ml
“We love it when a product does all the hard work for us – bonus points if it works overnight! Antioxidant-rich pomegranate nourishes thirsty, dull skin while you sleep – so you can wake up glowy and hydrated. Easy peasy!”

CLĒ Cosmetics Melting Lip Powder – Blushing Peach

“This innovative lip product transforms as you wear it. Applied as a powder, it melts into a long-wearing tint with a matte finish. Waterproof, smudge-proof and enriched with Vitamin E, luscious lips have never been so easy!”

Dirty Little Secret Eyeshadow Stick – Fetch

“This creamy eyeshadow crayon is a true multitasker – perfect for quick or on-the-go looks! The easy to apply formula can be used alone as a glimmering shadow, as a crease-proof base, or as a highlighter for a radiant glow.”


The foaming shower gel was LUSH!! I am really enjoying using it. It smells incredible and is super foamy so a little goes a long way. I love using this in the shower before bed because the scent is super relaxing. I really want to buy the big bottle of it as the one I got is only sample size, but the full size is £8.50, which isn’t too ridiculous but for a shower gel its quite a lot!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 18.00.58Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 18.02.16


This hairspray is actually really nice. I tend to stay away from hair care/ styling sprays because I generally am too lazy to use them, and I tend to just straighten my hair and not do much with it. When I tried this, I was pleasantly surprised. Naturally, my hair is wavy, dry scalp, sometimes dry ends, but overall quite manageable. I washed my hair and towel dried it and let it dry for about 30 minutes after that. I then sprayed this into the ends of my hair. instantly my curls and waves looked softer, sleeker, shinier, and it looked like I had styled my hair into those waves. If I let my hair do its own thing and let it be wavy without straightening, my hair looks super dry and wild. After sleeping and waking up, brushing my hair a little bit and looking in the mirror, my waves STILL looked great. My hair felt soft and I didn’t feel the need to straighten it! I really like this one!! The full sized product is £20, which for me is a lot considering I never ever use hair care products, but if I were to buy anything for my waves, it would be this!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 18.00.42


The sleeping mask is still a work in progress for me. Ive put it on 2 times since I got it, and tonight I’m putting it on the third time. I love a good face mask, especially one that makes me glowy! When I first put this on in the evening, it sinks in quite quickly and doesn’t feel sticky at all, it almost feels dry, but super thin so it’s not uncomfortable! When you wash it off in the morning, my skin feels so soft. I haven’t seen much glowiness yet, but it says to keep using and use 2-3 times a week, so ill keep you updated! This is £14.90 for 30ml, which isn’t much at all. With the rate I’m going with it, this won’t last me more than 2 more weeks.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 18.00.29


So the Cle lip powder was a bit of a fail for me. I don’t normally go for peach coloured lips anyway, but the formula didn’t work at all for me. I’m not sure what happened, but the formula is very thin and it turns quite liquidy, and then there are powdery patches and it looks quite streaky. I tried it once on normal lips, and once with foundation on my lips, but neither worked. I think for photos and from a distance, it looks nice, quite natural but it’s obvious you’re wearing something on your lips and it’s a matte finish, but it’s not for me! This retails for £15.

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 18.00.11


Near enough every month you get a choice in your box, either the design, a choice of products, or the choice of shade of the product. This month we got to choose the shade of the eyeshadow crayon, and I asked birchbox to surprise me instead of choosing a shade. So I got the shade fetch which is rose gold, and I really like it. I have to say it swatches better than it performs on the eye, but I’ve used this on a cut crease as a sticky base and put a shimmer on top and I really like it, and also all over with a winged liner and it looks really pretty but not too much! These are £10.50 each, which I think is a reasonable price!

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 17.59.49

Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 18.43.56


I have a discount link for you to get your hands on a birchbox! That will get you 50% off your first box, and you can cancel any time! SPOILER ALERT: next month there is a benefit blusher in each box!! Birchbox also has a shop with LOADS of great products, high end and indie brands, and you get discount in their shop when you have a subscription box, and an even bigger discount when you become a VIP customer! I can’t recommend it enough!

H xxxx


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