My Summer Lookbook

This page will be updated continuously when I get more photos of outfits! Here you can find all of the outfits ive been wearing this summer and for specific events, I’ll leave a link and description for each of the items and let you know how they wear!


I GRADUATED!!!! I got my dress from Romwe for £9.50 in size large – I’m normally size 10 but Romwe’s clothes always assume people don’t have boobs and good job I did get large otherwise it would have been way too short! The material is nice and light so I wasn’t too hot, and you can’t see here but the arms are flared. It isn’t as see-through as I thought it would be, but I wore black underwear just in case the lighting made it more see-through. My shoes are just Primark flat shoes, I didn’t want to risk tripping up on stage at my graduation!

You can buy it here!


ebc5c621-1406-4a7e-98ae-4ad6e8850f8e.jpg image1.png

I got this outfit from and I love it!! the top especially, its really thin material but not seethrough at all. It has elastic around the wrists and waist so it sits nicely when you wear it. One major problem with it is that the wrap at the front is very loose and WILL show your boobs! I suggest finding a safety pin to strap the bad boys in, otherwise, you’ll definitely be on show. I paid £16 for the top and paid £16 for the shorts. The shorts are really nice too, thin but not at all seethrough. It comes with a belt and they are high waisted which I really like. I wore these to a car event and doing lots of walking in them made them ride up my legs and I kept having to pull them down, but for casual summer days, they are great!

You can get the shirt here and the shorts here!



These are the same boohoo shorts from before, but I got this top from Romwe! I paid just over £4 for it in a sale. It’s a bodysuit that clips between your legs to stop it riding up. If I’m honest, it gave me a massive wedgie, because it was too tight to go over my bum properly! Again I got a size large even though for a top I would be a size 12 to fit the puppies in, but this was still a bit too small around the bum for me. perfect size around my boobs and the straps were quite loose but I’m used to that! It wasn’t too seethrough, I wore a black bra underneath and you couldn’t really tell. I really wanted this specific top for a car event I went to, purposfully to get the photo above with a race flag in the background! iPhone portrait mode is a God send!

You can get it here!

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