Review: Soph x Makeup Revolution

I have been a HUGE fan of the Youtube channel Sophdoesnails for a long time now, and in 2017 she launched her first makeup collaboration with the well known drugstore makeup brand Makeup Revolution, now known as Revolution. She initially launched an eyeshadow palette, and a highlighter palette. I bought the eyeshadow palette as soon as I could get my hands on it, and bought the highlighter palette just after Christmas 2017. Soph has just recently launched new items into her collab, which is another eyeshadow palette and 3 lipsticks. I now have the full collection, so thought i would write a review on them all.


Soph Eyeshadow Palette

The first eyeshadow palette Soph released is just called the Soph palette, and retails for £10 in Superdrug and on the Revolution Beauty website. This palette has 24 shades, a mix of matte and shimmers, and consist of bold colours as well as warm, neutral colours. this palette genuinely would work for anyone, you can make evening looks, arty looks, natural looks, soft or bold looks. I am constantly trying new looks using this palette, and all of the colour varieties encouraged me to start my makeup instagram as I could upload loads of different looks without having to buy lots of palettes.


Excuse my grubby nails, and the fact that i’ve hit pan, and that some of them have had my nails dug into them


The product itself is a pale pink plastic palette, with Soph’s name in a chrome pink. Inside is a huge mirror, which I love. there is 24 square/rectangle pans for the shades. The pans are small, but I really like the size. Its not too small that your brush may touch other shades in the process of picking up one shade, but it is nice to have so many shades in one travel-friendly sized palette. When you receive the palette, it comes in a cardboard carton to protect the actual product, and it has lots of information on it, including the shade colours and names on the back. inside the palette, a plastic insert is there to protect the mirror from the shadows, and also has all of the shade names on it.




The formula of this palette is actually very good considering the price, it blends nicely, and the pigmentation is there, but not as good as some other eyeshadows I have tried, which in my case worked well because newbies to makeup wont want something too pigmented so that its easier to work with. The shimmer shadows are really nice and pigmented, and apply really well with your finger or a wet brush. In terms of fall out, some shades are more loosely pressed than others. to be honest, I haven’t noticed a problem with the fallout of this palette. none of the shades are falling into any others, and even though some of the shimmers are a bit crumbly after its been used a lot, its not really spread anywhere. when using the shadows on my eye, I very rarely notice any fall out, unless I’m packing shadows on, which is the case for most eyeshadow palettes.


How to use

Like I said before, this palette could really be used for any situation. If you want to see some examples of some looks I’ve done with it, check out my instagram, you can find a link in the footer of this webpage.

There is a few light/skin tone shades that I like to use as a setting shadow to set my eyeshadow primer and get an even tone all over. I tend to mix the first two shades together each time I do my eyeshadow, and I’ve now hit pan on them.


I normally always go into this shade as a transition shade

Untitled design-3

I love these colours for halo eyes or outer corner shades

Untitled design-4

I tend to just use these with normal eyeshadow brushes, the ones I use are a mix of Morphe and just an ebay/amazon brand

Would I recommend it?

I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an everyday palette. The formula is nice enough to wrok with for super intense looks, but some shades are subtle enough to create a natural look with. I have used this palette so well, I’ve hit pan in a few of the shades, and the mirror broke off. I would buy this again, and in fact I’m considering buying a new one soon as its so cheap and I can leave one at my boyfriends or something so I always have eyeshadow on me. its such a handy palette. I haven’t taken it out of my makeup bag since I bought it. its well and truly my favourite palette. The first day I bought it, me and Charlotte went to swatch it in my room, and we loved it. She then went to order it, and then one of her friends ordered it too when she saw charlottes. My sister also bought it. I cannot recommend it enough.

Soph Highlighter Palette

Holy pigmentation, I love this palette. it comes with 8 shades. HUGE pans. And every kind of highlighter shade you could want. There is colours for every skintone, however, there are more lighter shades than darker shades, because soph is very fair skinned. I think everyone could use this palette, if not for skin highlighting, then for eyeshadow, which I also do regularly. This retails for only £8 in superdrug and on the revolution beauty website.



The packaging on this palette is a more yellowy nude colour, similar to the eyeshadow palette is plastic. The front of the palette is see-through, so you can see the shades in it and has Soph’s name on the front. the pans sizes are really big, I don’t think ill ever run out.


I dropped this palette the day before taking this photo, so i have repressed 2 of the shades on the top row and they still work as good as they did before! Soph’s name has rubbed off from being in my makeup bag for a while


The formula of these highlighters aren’t consistent throughout the palette. I don’t know much about formula making, but I know some are baked, and some are pressed. Personally I prefer the baked formula, as they don’t go bumpy (see below). Pressed products tend to go bumpy when you’ve used a powder on a wet brush and put the wet / damp brush into the pan, or its from the oils on your skin transferring to the pan which makes the product bunch up in the pan. It’s still useable, but can sometimes go a bit chunky.


You can see above that there are little lumps in the pan


However the baked formulas tend to come off more glittery, which I normally don’t like in a highlight. Somehow, there isn’t too much glitter, so I love it. I love the 3rd shade which is gold, and normally I wouldn’t buy as it looks too dark for my skintone but it is amazing! The formula of this gold one is soft, doesn’t show any texture on your face, doesn’t go bumpy in the pan, and looks so pretty, I imagine on many skin tones.

Untitled design-5

How to use

I like to use this palette with a morphe M501 brush, or any highlight brush will do. You just have to tap the brush in and apply, and build up if you want a more intense glow. Which I do. I cant stop applying it. I put this on my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow, brow bone and a bit on the forehead. I use the lightest shade in my inner corner to highlight my eyes. I tend to use it on my eyes as well as a shimmer shadow, especially if I’m not going for a bold look, I’ll use this just to brighten my eyes.

Would I recommend?

Yes I really recommend this. It’s stunning as a highlight palette and as eyeshadows. I use this everyday, I always have this in my makeup bag along with her eyeshadow palette as it has so many shades and its not too big. For £8, this is a must have. I used to use my Becca highlight in Moonstone everyday, which is around £30, and now I hardly use it! This has replaced it, the formula is more blinding, the colours are similar and its so much cheaper!

Soph Extra Spice Palette

I ordered this palette on the launch date, because I loved the other two products so much, I knew I had to have this one. This palette doesn’t have as many shades as the other, and again they are warm tone shades with some bright colour options. This palette isn’t as diverse as the other one, you can only really do a warm brown look, or a sunset look, or you’d need to use another palette with this one to get desired looks. I have bene using the original Soph palette with this one to fill in any missing colours that I would need for a look.


This palette retails for £10 on, and has 18 shades in it. There is a mix of mattes and shimmers, and some of the shimmers are more like foils, especially the silver shade Infinity and the gold shade LA sun. The type of looks I’ve been doing with this palette is very neutral, using cookie dough as a transition, dreamcake or chocolate orange as a corner shade and applying everyday as a shimmer shade on the lid. I haven’t tried using this for an evening / party look yet, but when i do i know I’m using the silver shade!


The packaging is the opposite to Soph’s original palette. this one is chrome pink with matte nude writing on it, and the palette itself is the same matte nude as the first one. It still has a giant mirror inside which I really like, and you can tell this palette is much more sturdy than the other one, and is a little but stiff to open which means it wont break as easy, which I appreciate. The packaging has the shade names on the actual palette this time, which i do like because I completely forgot the shade names in the other palette after losing the insert with the names on.



So, the tea with this palette. Im not obsessed with it. Im finding it very hard to work with. the pigment is there, until you blend and then its gone. Blending is also quite hard, I find it goes a bit patchy and doesn’t blend away very nicely, it just sort of spreads colour, then you try to blend more and the pigment has gone but you’re left with a bit of residue that cant be moved. I really like the colours of this palette, but they’re not working for me. The formula itself is quite loose, and there is a lot of fallout for the matte shades which is a disappointment. The shimmer shades are blinding, but a bit more crumbly and flakey than the other palette. they are more intense, but harder to work with. I would say this palette is more for pros that know where they’re putting the shades, how to blend properly and which colours work well with each other, because I have tried so many looks and they all come out looking the same. A bit of a reddy brown mess.


How to use

I use this palette the same way I did with the other one. A few blending brushes and you’re good to go. I personally prefer applying the shimmers with my finger because its more intense that way. I love the shade cookie dough as a transition, and on my more natural days I’ve just been using that shade just to define my eye a bit. I also love the shade chocolate orange, I think its a great warm brown shade thats not too dark, but can darken up a look easily.

Would I recommend this palette?

I would, even though I’m struggling with it and I’m not reaching for it as much as I am the other Soph palette, its only £10 for 18 shades. I think this palette feels a bit rushed, and the formula isn’t as good as the other palette. It might just be me, and it could work really well for you, so give it a go if you’re looking for a brighter warm tones palette, because the first palette is quite dull, this palette has some brighter warm tones in which I do like. Please let me know if you’re struggling with this palette too? I don’t know if its just me.

Soph x Revolution Lipsticks

Soph released 3 lipsticks with her extra spice palette. They’re all browny/nude shades, which are personally my favourite type of lipstick to wear. She named all 3 after food, Syrup, Fudge and Cake.


The shade Cake (right) is a pinkier nude, which Soph described as a ‘my lips but better’ shade which I agree with. The shade Fudge (middle) is a very dark brown shade, I think this shade is amazing, I don’t really wear darker lip shades, but I know I will be using this. Syrup (left) is a lighter brown nude shade. I really like this colour. It reminds me a bit of the shade Leo mixed with a bit of Celebrity Skin by Jeffree Star. I really like it. These retail for only £4 each!!!


Each shade comes in the same packaging, with the same nude pink from the palettes on the main body of the lipsticks. the twisty part that pushes the product up, and the lid cap of the lipstick is the same chrome pink, and has Soph’s name on the lid. Soph also has her name engraved into the lipstick itself which i really like. the shade names and product information are on the bottom of each of the lipsticks. There isn’t a lot of product in these lipsticks, and the formula means you can use a lot in one go because it melts very easily.



This formula is really creamy and soft, it almost melts off when you apply it. It is very high coverage, so just a couple of swipes and its on. Its not at all sticky, although it doesn’t dry down. Your lips will look like they have a gloss-satin finish, rather than a matte finish. Personally, i have found these wear off well, and don’t leave patches, but I do think it wears off quickly especially when you eat, which isn’t a problem because you can reapply easily. The one downside to this formula for me personally, is that it seems to really dry out my lips. when it wears off, my lips are left feeling really dry and I am very aware of dead dry skin on my lips, which I have never had happen with a lipstick before. So I would take some lip scrub out with me if I know I’m going to want to reapply this product.


How to use

I use this just from the tube straight onto my lips, but it is creamy enough for you to use a brush if you wanted. The shape of the lipstick means its easy to shape your lips, but because its very creamy it can look a bit messy, so I clean it up with my finger and a bit of concealer if necessary.

Would I recommend these?

I would definitely recommend these! £4 for a nice lipstick??? Yes!! I do recommend taking it out with you to reapply, take a mirror and some lip balm if you get dry lips from these like I do. I love these! I love the shades, and I really hope Soph or Revolution Beauty releases more shades!


You can buy all of these products through this by clicking here, or on, and superdrug. The total cost of everything here is only £40!! I hope this helped if you were considering buying any of these, they are definitely worth the price and I have used each product everyday since I bought them!

Let me know what you think about these products, either through instagram or through the contact me area in the footer! Also, give me some suggestions for some more blog post ideas? I have a few scheduled for the next two weeks, but need to keep writing!

H xxx

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