Why I Left Nu Skin

If you’re a Nu Skin rep and want to share this, feel free to do so. this is honest and genuine, but do not share this if you are a rep for any other network marketing company to use against Nu Skin. 

If you’re reading this, it may be because you’ve been approached by a rep asking if you want to sign up and you want to know if its a scam. Short answer; it’s not a scam. I worked in Nu Skin (NS) for about a year, and I loved it. the products are genuine, and they are amazing, the scientists behind the products are amazing and the company themselves are amazing. I wouldn’t go to any other network marketing (NM) company.

the benefits of Nu Skin:
– work anytime
– work anywhere
– no boss
– quick cash profit or monthly income
– you learn as you go – no training before you start
– the amount of money you can earn is great
– you learn so many business and communication skills
– discount on the products

Here’s how it works…

to be a distributor you have to sign up (completely free, unlike most NM companies) and you must have a sponsor, i.e. someone who already works for NS. once you have your account, you can start selling. there is never any minimum orders, you don’t have to buy anything at all if you don’t want (but I recommend it) and you are never out of pocket. You charge your customers at a particular price, and the product is discounted for you, giving you a profit. For example, the famous whitening toothpaste is about £8 for distributors and about £12 for customers, giving them £4 profit.

You tend to sell by posting on social media about the product, and wait for customers to message you enquiring. you can choose your discounts, sales, you create your posts and you sell what you want. there are no strict rules on any of this, as long as you aren’t overcharging by a stupid amount.

each product has a points value, so when you order products you collect points. when you hit certain goals such as 1000 points, you can qualify for a promotion. By this point, you will have started building a team, and you become the sponsors for the people you sign up. your sponsee’s or downlines will generate points too when they sell, and their points also go into your account. so you don’t have to sell as much if you have a good team, to get a promotion.

your sponsor/ upline is there to help you, guide you, help you get your goals. you also get promotions when your downlines get their first promotion, which is executive. when one of your downlines gets executive, you become a gold executive, if you have 2 downlines get executive, you become a lapis exec and so on. the higher up you get, the more income you make, plus you get bonuses. when you hit ruby exec, you qualify for FREE 5* trips each year. This is not a joke! I’ve seen SO many people work their way up to ruby and seen them go on these trips.

Everything is real, everything works, everything is legit. there are downsides, as there are to many businesses, and I want to stress that I didn’t leave because it was fake. I left for a number of reasons, mainly personal ones.

Why I left

I left mainly because I wasn’t going anywhere with it. I lost all motivation for it after seeing people sign up and get promoted within a few months, while I had no promotions. without going into too much detail, my anxiety with social media meant that I was constantly paranoid about what people thought of me online. and this business didn’t help, especially when ‘friends’ told me my posts were annoying and that I’m not gonna get anywhere with it. I had a bad encounter with someone from school, where he was extremely rude and intimidating and basically made me feel like a piece of crap because I was in this business. My upline was someone from school, who I was actually friends with during GCSE’s but after silly girly teenage drama, we weren’t friends. I bought a toothpaste from her and asked for more details about the business. I was her first sign up, and me and her worked so well together. shes said this before so I will say it, her upline didn’t train her very well, and my upline had to learn by herself, which meant she didn’t train me very well and I couldn’t train my team well. which is maybe where this all went tits up. my upline is doing well in the business now, I wish I had the confidence to go back into it and work with her.

I didn’t get any support from my family or friends at all really. my mum hated it, told me they’re scamming me, said that I’m lying and that I am putting all my money into it and there is a minimum order, and I tried to get her to ring some successful people in the business, I tried to show her, she didn’t care. sounds dramatic but she ruined the experience for me and kept telling me to pack it in and quit. I had a few friends buy products from me, but I also lost friends. people I was close with stopped messaging, stopped liking my posts and stopped supporting me.

looking back, I should have posted differently, I shouldn’t have been so saleswomany. there’s a trick to it and I completely missed it. the trick is to not sound too salesy. for example ‘this amazing toothpaste is only £10 today, here are my customer results’. you want to post photos of you using it, or just a status saying ‘finally found a toothpaste that whitens’. this way it sounds like you’re a normal person, sharing on FB about your white teeth, and sure enough, people will message you and ask what it is and where to get it from. I wish I had done this from day one. this would have meant no one knew what my business was unless they asked. I found recruiting very hard, I didn’t know how to do it properly either. my downlines were all from uni, where I posted on a uni job page about the opportunity and had literally hundreds of responses, with only a few signing up. nearly all of my downlines had quit after graduating or to get another job, which knocked my confidence because I was back to square one again.

If you’re thinking about joining…

I recommend that you give it a go. but if you want to succeed and get promotions, you need to be ready to work your arse off. you’ll need another job for probably years one and two before you get an income that can support you, but when you’re there, you can easily earn 5 figures a month. if you know someone that’s joined, PLEASE support them. like their posts, be open-minded, because it is really hard work. you don’t have to buy from them or join the business, but general support will be so useful to them.

There are some NM companies that are a scam and a pyramid scheme, and after quitting and after studying criminology and policing, and looking into cybercrime and fraud etc.. i can categorically tell you that this is not a pyramid scheme (pyramid schemes are illegal in the UK and Nu Skin would have been shut down years ago). This is not a scam, and you can do it if you put your mind to it.

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