Concealer – Finding the one for you

Got a spot, blemish or dark under eyes? Conceal, don’t feel, don’t let it show. conceal-it

I’ve really struggled finding my ‘perfect’ concealer over the years, and I still don’t feel fully satisfied with my current favourite either. However, I have found a concealer that covers, last a long time, doesn’t crease and doesn’t oxidise.

Heres my concealer guideline:


If you have spots or scarring where spots have been and gone, it’s really important you use a different concealer to under your eyes to cover them. Heres why:

  1. Putting a concealer wand or brush onto a spot and putting it anywhere else on your face can transfer bacteria and cause more break outs – so clean your concealer brush on the regular and try and use a different concealer for your spots
  2. Under eye concealer tends to be (depending on your preference) a brightening product or at least lighter than your skin tone to hide dark circles and to highlight the face. putting this colour concealer on a spot will make that area brighter and will draw more attention to the spot itself

For spots and blemishes, I use a concealer on top of foundation that is the same colour as my skin tone. You want a thick concealer for this as spots can show through sheer concealers and foundations.


Tips for covering spots:

  • If you dont have a concealer that is the same colour as your skin tone, or if you’re really happy with the formula of one and its not the right colour, put it on before foundation on your spots. This way you’ll cover it and then put on your canvas with your preferred skin colour on top when you apply foundation.
  • Apply a dot of concealer onto each blemish and blend using your favourite tool (finger, beauty blender, brush etc). If there isn’t enough coverage, apply more and blend again.
  • Don’t cake it on if its not needed! By doing it in small steps and building up the coverage, your foundation wont look as cakey on top. Foundation can also mix with the concealer and look weird if the concealer isn’t blended properly
  • Try a correcting concealer. There are many green concealers that reduce the appearance of redness and spots which are great, but make sure you test it out just like a normal concealer in case you end up looking like the wicked witch of the west!giphy-downsized.gif

Under eye:

I have MAJOR baggage under my eyes. Everyone always tells me I look tired when I dont wear makeup, even if I’ve slept for 10 hours and had 4 naps that day! So this is how I choose the right one for me:

  1. In an under eye concealer, look for a thick formula! this means ultimate coverage!
  2. Use a concealer thats at least 1 shade lighter than your skin tone
  3. It will take some tries and tests before you find ‘the one’
  4. Most liquid and cream concealers WILL crease, so find the one that creases the least!
  5. Don’t always choose the lightest colour of concealer on the shelf! Some are designed for the whitest of people, and if you aren’t that person then dont go for the lightest one. If theres a range of light ones, choose one that is lighter and brighter than you cheek colour, but not so light you’re going to look like a ghost


Sorry babes, but this is not a good look!

Tips for covering under eye area:

  • After foundation, apply your concealer in an upside-down triangle running under the eye to the very end of your eyebrow to give a lifted look
  • Put more concealer on areas that need more coverage
  • Blend out using your favourite tool – mine is a damp beauty blender
  • When you’ve blended the concealer out, set it with powder – I use the RCMA no colour powder as a dupe for the Laura mercier translucent powder (which ive never tried because its far too expensive). Setting it will make it last longer, prevent creasing and make your eyes look so much brighter.
  • If you don’t have a translucent powder, use a powder foundation to set the concealer. This also works if your concealer is too bright
  • Make sure when using any king of powder it doesn’t flash back on photos (like the picture above)
  • Try a correcting concealer for under eyes. Red/orange colours work best for this as it counteracts the blue/purple/black shade of the bags under your eyes. Once applied but a regular concealer on top so you don’t look like Superman!


When looking in a store for a concealer, follow this checklist:

  • Does it oxidise? If it does, how does it change colour? Will it be too light or too dark? This is a vital step in any foundation or skin care product shop.
    My top tip is put a few tests on your hand of some different brands and shades, walk around the shop for a bit while you look at other stuff and after 5 minutes see which one is closest to your skin colour (for spots) and the best one for under eye brightening (for bags)
  • How is the coverage? if it looks watery or sheer, then I don’t recommend it for any type of concealing. You want something thick and blendable. Put your swatch on the back of your hand or wrist and blend it out with your fingers.
    My top tip is putting it over a vein or a part of the skin that is discoloured, or even on your face if you have no makeup on in the store and see how well it covers it.

My top concealers:

  1. MY FAVOURITE – Collection Lasting Perfection, Shade 1 Fair, £4.99. This concealer is thick, high coverage and doesn’t crease… oh and its less than £5?!?! Available in most beauty stores (UK) and is hyped about by so many people including Zoella herself! I use this under eyes and around my redness on my nose!
  2. NuColour Skin Beneficial Concealer*** – Shade Light, £22. This concealer is amazing, but pricey. Its thick and creamy and blends so well. I love using this in the shade light for under eyes on a night out for a great look all night, and the shade medium for spots and blemish colour!
  3. Rimmel wake me up concealer – Shade Ivory 10, £5.49. This concealer oxidises very orange, along with everything in the Wake Me Up range. I don’t like this concealer for under eye, but because of the orange under tone it does make a good corrector (its also what its designed for). I like to use a small amount of this on the worst part of my under eyes and blend it out, then put Collection Lasting Perfection on top
  4. WISHLIST CONCEALER – Im dying to try the Tarte Shape Tape Concealer!! I see it in makeup videos and reviews and its on my Wishlist for next makeup purchase! Stay tuned.

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*** If anyone has read my first blog “Hello Blogging World” you’ll know I am partnered with NuSkin, therefore I will be reviewing the products as I have access to them. I do love a lot of our products, but I will give the honest opinion on all of them. If you wish to purchase, feel free to Contact me for 10% off (UK ONLY).

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