Valentus Review – The Magic Coffee?!

The ‘Magic Coffee’… Losing weight with the help of a popular drink? Here’s my journey with this product.

So almost everyone on Facebook will have seen at least one Network Marketing distributor. Working in one myself, I know how tough the business can be and I support every company that sells online – whether I like their products or their business or not.

I am not in support of trying to make mainly women feel bad about themselves by offering coffee to them that will help them lose weight. I think its wrong. Most of the products I sell do target someones insecurities, like spots, weak hair, stretch marks etc. I would never ever go to someone who had spots on their profile picture and say “hiya, im selling a blemish treatment that can help you”. Its disgusting. Ive heard one friend tell me she was messaged by someone from Valentus saying along the lines of “hi I saw your status on saying you can’t lose the baby weight and needed to go shopping for new clothes, I can help you lose weight with our coffee”. She was proud of her baby weight and then felt crappy about herself after that message. Anyway, rant over.

I had tried the coffee and the skinny juice before but I didn’t use them properly first time round, so I decided to give it another try and a fair shot. I saw a girl who works for Valentus wanting to do a product swap and she was in need of a face mask, so we swapped stock to both try out each others company products.


  • Helps control appetite to lose weight
  • Helps promote healthy brain function and focus
  • Tastes amazing
  • Regulates sugar and fat absorption
  • Elevates mood
  • Antioxidant

The coffee

So as I said earlier I had tried this before but didn’t drink my 2 litres of water and didn’t do it at the right times in the day, and also didn’t do it consistently every day due to being at uni and being lazy. I have also tried the juice which too, I wasn’t consistent with because I hated the taste. Maybe ill retry that one for a review as well.

So the coffee sachets are very small and handy, just like any other coffee sachet really. They cost £16 for one week, £24 for 2 weeks and £40 for a months worth of coffee… mucho expensivo. First time round, I HATED the taste of it.. to the point where I could never finish a cup. I was told not to put sugar in for best results, so I used sweeteners. Even 3 sweeteners couldn’t mask the taste of the coffee. Im not a fan of strong coffee, so I can’t blame the company or say it will taste bad for everyone. I think its just my preference. You use the coffee like you would with any other brand, add the hot water, milk and sugar as you like it and its good to go. I got this batch of coffee for free / in exchange for one of my products so, I thought I’d share everything with you. Today is the start of my Valentus journey.

Overall review:

  • Day 1 – making me very hungry and light headed. this happened when I last tried the coffee so I’m sure its not anything else. Its meant to make me not want to snack, but I need to eat.
  • Day 2 – oh my goodness. I lost 2 pounds in a day? I haven’t been to the gym this week and haven’t been under eating… is this the coffee thats doing it??
  • Day 3 – no weight lost since yesterday, but I didn’t drink as much water so maybe that the reason. Ill drink loads today and we’ll see how it goes. Really enjoying the actual coffee though, just sad it doesn’t give me the same caffeine buzz as a normal coffee. Bring on the caffeine withdrawal symptoms 😥
  • Day 4 – mahoosive headeache and no weight lost (I did have a cheeky dominos last night though). Turns out this stuff does have caffeine in, so I dont know why im feeling so ill after I drink it.

Day 1 – Wednesday – 10 stone, 1lbs

Disclaimer: I am currently in the process of going to the gym as many times as I can as well as eating healthy, so with or without this product, I am due to lose weight.

I was so ready for this morning and to have my coffee, made a lot of room for some milk to make my coffee how I like it. Of course.. theres no milk left in the fridge. So I went without. Normally Id have to throw the coffee away because, like I said, I hate strong coffee. But I can’t afford to be throwing an expenive coffee away. I drank it black with 1 sugar and 1 sweetener. I have to say im really enjoying it. it tastes just like any other coffee I’ve had. I had breakfast with it too at around 10AM which would normally last me until around 2-3PM where ill get hungry again or I would have a small snack in between. This claims to prevent snacking and control your hunger. Oh my goodness I feel SO hungry right now. its literally 30 minutes after I’ve eaten and I am Hank Marvin. It is that time of the month where I can raid 4 cupboards and not be satisfied, but I just had breakfast and this normally doesn’t happen. I was expecting a bit of an irritated bowel like most weight loss products, but I haven’t got anything. I have a bit of a headache, and I think I feel dehydrated… is that why you have to drink 2 litres of water? So you dont feel like this? Hmm.

2:48PM – I haven’t eaten yet, but have been hungry for about 4 hours. Ive been having water instead of snacks to try and make full effect of this product. But im starting feel light headed so Ive made lunch which I dont normally do this time because I normally have a big breakfast 10-11AM and then have a smoothie or fruit between brunch and dinner. Lunch helped with my hunger but still feeling light headed. I had this problem when I drank the coffee last time too so im sure its not anything else.

Day 2 – Thursday – 9 stone 13lbs

Somehow, I lost 2 pounds since weighing in yesterday morning!! Like I said I have been dieting and going to the gym, but surely you can’t lose weight from a week ago over night?! Is this the coffee doing it?!

I made another coffee this morning after seeing my scales, I am SO intrigued to find out if this is actually working!! Still haven’t been to the gym this week, haven’t eaten much today either so in the normal world I shouldn’t have lost weight, but I’m so excited to see tomorrows results!

Day 3 – Friday – 9 stone 13lbs

I was really excited to wake up and weigh in, hoping to see another 2lbs gone, but nada. I ate well and healthy yesterday, no snacks or crisps and really thought I was going to wake up and feel the difference. All I know is I feel really hungry again after this mornings coffee.

Fishy, if you ask me…

So right off the bat, I’m very skeptical. Mainly because I see results all the time where people lose between 4lbs to 1 stone in a matter of weeks. Miraculously, these results pictures also show great abs and a lifted bum which means that the client had obviously been working out and therefore it can’t be just the coffee they were using. Another reason I don’t believe in this product is because they tell you to drink 2 litres of water a day when using their products for ‘the best results’. Now, they claim this coffee reduces appetite so you stop snacking and ultimately change your diet into smaller portions. I don’t know if they know this but drinking 2 litres of water a day is recommended by most nutritionists to stop you snacking as you feel very bloated and full. Therefore you don’t need the coffee to achieve this and you don’t have to pay an extortionate price for a sachet of coffee, when you can get water for free (or much cheaper).

I lost a lot of respect for the company when they used Kerry Katona as an example of a celeb client. Kerry recently lost a load of weight, and conveniently just before theres a picture of her holding the Valentus coffee. I saw many posts from the Valentus distributors claiming Kerry lost all of her weight due to the coffee, when in fact she had Liposuction and has had interviews over her weight loss, and not once claimed the coffee was her reason. When the coffee company were humiliated with lots of angry customers and other Network Marketing companies, they quickly removed posts about Kerry Katona. Fishy, if you ask me. Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 14.53.49

A bit about the company…

So as coming from a rival company, I guess you can call me biased, but I have kept an open mind because I have bought and tried the products before. So a little birdie told me, Valentus distributors are trained to poach. Okay a bit more than a little birdie, more like a flock of birds i.e everyone else in network marketing. If you have been added as a friend by a Valentus distributor, you have probably been messaged about joining. Desperate is how they look. Not only do they message random people, friends and family, they message girls and guys who are ALREADY in network marketing. If I do a post, someone from Valentus will message me saying something along the lines of …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And they will also go to EVERYONE who commented on my post, including my family, friends and fellow team members and do the same to them. Very desperate.Their business sounds incredible. everything they promise sounds amazing. Ive seen a girl who works there get a new Porsche paid by the company. However, its not all glitz and glam. Someone who used to work at valentus which moved to our business told us, if you dont keep up a certain amount of sales, the company stop your car payments altogether leaving you paying for a brand spanking new sports car.

Now I’m sure they have lots of amazing parts too, and their products are very popular. But I wanted to highlight some of the negatives just in case anyone is thinking about joining them and needs to know the real deal.

UPDATE: Almost a year later

This company was operating completely illegally in the UK when I was using it. The girl that I had bought from, that was on 4 nearly 5 figures a WEEK, was scammed herself and had HMRC knock on her door and told her she was going to be fined. I dont know the full details into the legal side, but i know that the product was not approved by UK food standards or something like that, and that it was not meant to be sold to consumers. This was not the girl’s fault, she didn’t know, but the company itself decided to put the businesses of hundreds if not thousands of distributors at risk. When this girl found out, she quit straight away and took her team to a new business. I believe that now (2018) it is legal to sell it, but i just cant trust the company anymore and i dont want to support something that has scammed its own employees.

The product did work, however the day i stopped taking the coffee i went up to the same original weight, so i imagine it makes you lose water weight that is put back on when you stop using the product.


I would say if you’re interested, give it a go, support the reps especially if you know them. I think that the company has a lot of explaining to do, and i would not advise joining the company because of the scam. But by all means try it and see if it works for you. I will not be repurchasing and i dont believe that it will shred your weight and keep it away, i think its a temporary fix.

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