Hello Blogging World

Hello Blogging world!

My name is Hannah, I am 20 and I am a Criminology Student. I have my own health and beauty business in which I promote, use and sell luxury skincare, health and beauty products. I’ve taken the plunge into writing about everything in my life – I’m pooing myself a bit – but bare with me while I learn.

I have been obsessed (understatement) with beauty from about 2010 when I started experimenting with makeup. Being a 13 year old girl at the time, I grew complete paranoia about myself and my looks, so makeup was my saviour and still is. I remember starting at an old friends house, where she had already started using eyeliner and mascara. We were planning on doing what most 13 year olds do – walking around town in awful outfits, being loud, thinking we were cool and looking at much older guys who were attractive. On one of these days, she showed me eyeliner. I put it above my lash line (not very well may I add) and along my water line and I was HOOKED. looking back, I don’t know why. I definitely did not suit it!

And thats where it began, in her mums bedroom with a blunt black kohl pencil. Next came mascara, then the classic (I’m going to try not to cringe when I say this) Dream Matte Mousse (I cringed). Another friend of mine came round to our old house when I was about 14 and we used MSN to video chat with the boys we fancied. I had my Babyliss hair straighteners that heated to about 10 degrees and did nada, but I went with it. I CAKED on the Dream Matte Mousse, mascara and eyeliner every hour or so to look good.Maybelline-dream-matte-mousse-sandy-beige-medium-foundation-review

To make things worse, the foundation was about 3 shades too orange for my skin tone. No wonder I was so self conscious. If any of you have used this foundation you will know it is the grittiest, fluffiest and by far the most full coverage foundation – in all the wrong ways. It gave me the worst spots ever which meant needing more of it to cover, and then more spots and the cycle never stops.

FullSizeRender 2

^Me in 2011, just about to go to the cinema in a strapless primark dress, with foundation on my legs for fake tan. WHY!!

The cycle never stops until you fork out more than £5 for your whole makeup look and you try other stuff. From my first Boots and Superdrug haul, its all a blur. I have tried, used, thrown out, wasted, lost and loved so much makeup its painful to think about. Unfortunately thats still me. The girl who buys more makeup than she can fit in her drawers and doesn’t use even half of it. Now, 2017, I buy the makeup I see reviewed on youtube and social media and most of the time the products are fab, and not £1 makeup that only a clown would use. After many career curves, I’ve found my passion. I’m studying Criminology & Policing whilst running my own beauty business selling AMAZING products. I have everything I’ve always wanted today, most of all I’ve found the confidence to start this blogging journey. It was meant to be a youtube journey, but it isn’t the right time for that nor is my confidence level at the place where I can be ready for it, but I’m hoping this blogging road will lead me to find the bollocks to conquer my fears.

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